Wed, 19 Feb 2020
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The students of Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School celebrated worthily Vartanants Day, renewing their vow to remain loyal to Vartanants legacy of protecting Homeland and Faith.


On February 19, the students of elementary, intermediate and secondary sections commemorated Avarayr heroes in separate events through artistic performances, while the speakers delivered messages, especially emphasizing the current significance of the feast for the new generation.


Guest speaker, journalist Mr. Shiraz Jerejian delivered a speech to the students of the elementary section. He analyzed the message of Vartanants through the students’ daily routine, explaining the ideas of courage and loyalty through experiences which are specific to their age. He said that it is courage to follow a healthy lifestyle, for example, or it is loyalty that the students should feel towards their friends or school. Referring to the image of Vassak Syuni, the speaker said that it is never acceptable for a person to leave a group for selfish or other reasons, such as leaving a team which is getting ready for a sports competition. Father Sebouh Garabedian delivered his message to the students of the intermediate section. He said that Vartanants was the embodiment of two very important experiences - courage and holiness. He called on the students to courageously face their big or small problems and to seek holiness in prayer and faith.


Journalist and analyst Mr. Varouj Tenbelian was the speaker of the secondary section’ celebration. He emphasized the importance of continued struggle and work, recalling that the Vartanants' battle had its continuation in the face of the Vahanian movement, which in the end was able to legally secure the right of the Armenians to autonomy and freedom of religion. The speaker said that the problem solving process in the Armenian Diaspora should also be pursued with the same consistency to achieve success. The artistic sections of the events were enriched with songs, recitations, music, and theatrical scenes performed by the students, which were marked by immediacy and meticulous preparation.

The work of the teachers in charge was appreciated. The students watched with great interest a documentary depicting the story of a tree planted by Vartan Mamigonian himself in Agnaghpur village of Armenia. The tree had stood for about 1500 years. Now a chapel has been built next to the overthrown trunk. Young Armenian boys who have been called to the Army, as well as participants in the Artsakh war go there to pray and make pilgrimage.


Mesrobian’s Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust delivered the final speech. He mentioned that after nearly 16 centuries, Armenians still proudly celebrate the Battle of Vartanants, and despite the fact that Vartan and his 1066 soldiers were martyred, the Armenians glorify this sacrifice, believing like the martyrs that ‘’Known Death is Immortality.’’


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