Mesrobian wins two 1st place positions in the Voice of Van “Spelling Bee” competition
Tue, 15 May 2018
Posted in Extracurricular Activities

Under the sponsorship of the Union of Marash Armenians, and broadcasted live on “Voice of Van”, the “Jisht Henchenk” spelling bee competition, which has been taking place for the past 8 years, took place this year in the “Aztag” “Punik” hall, on May 12, 2018.

This year, 45 students, ranging from grade 6 to 8 and coming from 17 Armenian schools, participated in “Voice of Van’s” spelling bee competition.

Mesrobian achieved honorable results in this competition. Gali Sahagian and Christine Der Haroutunian both won 1st place in the Grade 7 and 8 sections, respectively. The prize for the first and second places were 300 000 and 200 000 LBP, respectively.

Our students competed for two and a half months with the students from different Armenian schools, and through this competition learned new words and new ideas.


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