Saints Translators’ Day in Mesrobian: Tribute to Armenian and History Teachers
Mon, 30 Oct 2017
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Saint Translators’ Day was celebrated in Mesrobian in all classes and sections, from the nursery to grade 12. Indoor activities and events organized on this occasion have once again paid tribute to the founding fathers of Armenian literature and to honor the rich literary heritage bequeathed by them.

This year, on October 27, the celebrations were held in the school’s courtyard, in front of the statue of Mesrob Mashdots. At both student gatherings, group performances and songs were presented. Elie Toranian, a student from Grade 12, delivered a speech on behalf of the student body of Mesrobian, reaffirming the new generation's fidelity to the Golden Age values. On this occasion, students paid tribute to Armenian and history teachers at Mesrobian, offering them self-made badges.

The vice vicar of the St. Savior Church, Father Ghazar Bedrossian put forward the main ideas of the Saint Translators ‘day in the form of a dialogue with primary school students, and in his address to high school students, he analyzed the meaning of the very first Biblical sentence translated into Armenian.

Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, principal of Mesrobian, invited students to reflect on the richness of Armenian culture and literature. He noted in particular the importance of preserving and using Armenian in its pure state, noting that the love and fidelity to the Armenian culture and language must be expressed daily to keep our precious language alive through speech, song, and spirit.

On the occasion of the celebration, Mrs. Alice Boyadjian, retired teacher of Armenian lamguage and Armenian History at Mesrobian, was honored by the School's administration, who gave her a badge of recognition. Mrs. Boyadjian conveyed warm words to the students, urging them to be deserving descendants of Saint Mesrob and Saint Sahag. Mrs. Salpi Moughalian, head of the primary school, noted on this occasion that Mrs. Alice is loved by her students and has always acted with great passion and enthusiasm to grow the love for Armenian language in her students. Mr. Gregoire Kaloust also noted that through her devoted work of 27 years, Mrs. Boyadjian has left an indelible trace in the history of the school and the education of generations of Armenians.

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