Mesrobian Steps Into A Promising New Academic Year
Tue, 19 Sep 2017
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On September 15, 2017 Mesrobian Armenian Catholic High School’s teachers and staff members took part in their first general meeting of the year that started with a prayer in the St. Savior Church, continued with a report session by the administration, and concluded by teachers’ group meetings.

The meeting was inaugurated by spiritual counselor Reverend Father Raffi Hovhanissian’s speech, which focused on facing the modern man’s fears with faith. Father Raffi said that doubt, indifference, and meaningless formalities damage the modern man’s life, and teachers are no exception to these dangers, especially when it comes to fulfilling formal duties. He said that it is not “seasonal faith”, when man remembers God only occasionally, that helps us in these problems; it is complete faith in Jesus Christ and rigorous study of the Bible that helps us all.

In the first part of his report, Mesrobian principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust held in high regard everything about the 2016-2017 academic year, noting that the school achieved its highest official exams results of the last 15 years, with a 98.41% success rate at the Lebanese Brevet and Baccalaureate exams.

Mr. Gregoire Kaloust reported that from this year on, Mesrobian would have a supervisor of the Arabic language teaching, whose job would be the development of and the supervision over the Arabic language teaching in the entire school. Dr. Colette Aoun, professor of Pedagogy at the Université Saint-Joseph, is the supervisor. She said that smartboards are placed and an internet connection is established in the higher classes of the elementary section. The principal said that the integration of technology in education in Mesrobian is irreversible, and will be continuously implemented year after year. Mr. Kaloust also reported that the Technical College has now an orientation office for education and employment, to further aid the students in their lives.

Mesrobian's principal said that the school would continue its partnership with both Haigazian and St. Joseph Universities, in academic programs related to both teachers and students. Mesrobian will keep the “Bizzy Kidz” after school program active, and students will continue to participate in a range of extracurricular academic programs, such as STEM and the “Little Engineer”. Mesrobian will continue to collaborate with the Institut Français and will aim to complete the French DELF program by 2019. Mr. Kaloust also said that the college has taken steps towards an ISO certification.

Mesrobian’s principal also stressed the importance of mutual respect, initiative spirit, sincerity, discipline, consistency, tolerance, cooperation, and solidarity, among the teachers, for the sake of students’ development. He underlined that in such conditions, the 116 members of Mesrobian's faculty and staff would be able to surely perform miracles, leading the college from success to success, both in terms of results and responsibility.

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